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VTDigger  |  Aug. 27, 2019

Jury Sides With Fired Peoples Academy Teacher in Retaliation...

VTDigger  |  Aug. 27, 2019

State EB-5 Records Missing

My Champlain Valley  |  Jan. 14, 2019

Judge Releases Order on Deposition of Jay Peak Insider

Insight  |  Aug. 18, 2019

Why The Mutual Fund Directors Forum’s Guidance Regarding...

Insight  |  Aug. 18, 2019

Second Circuit Misses The Mark In Excessive Fee Case

The Stowe Reporter  |  Oct. 4, 2018

Attorney for EB-5 Investors Gets OK to Depose Key Jay Peak Insider

NBC5  |  Jul. 09, 2019

3 Vermont Airports Get Nearly $1m in Project Grants

The Stowe Reporter  |  Oct. 4, 2018

Investor Attorney Takes On State, Twice, in EB-5 Cases Before...

WCAX3 |  Sep. 24, 2018

Did Shumlin Officials Intentionally Ignore Kingdom Con Warning…?

The Stowe Reporter  |  Oct. 4, 2018

Governor’s Office, Agency Attorneys Dispute Release of EB-5 Records

VTDigger  |  Sep. 20, 2018

EB-5 Chief Was Repeatedly Shut Down in Efforts to Audit Jay Peak

The Stowe Reporter  |  Oct. 4, 2018

Federal Agency Terminates Scandal-Plagued Vermont EB-5 Regional…

VTDigger |  May. 28, 2018

Russell Barr Seeks to Intervene in State Case Against Ariel Quiros

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