Financial Industry Litigation

Barr Law Group represents stock, mutual fund, ETF and private offering investors in cases arising under the Investment Company Act, Investment Advisors Act, and other state and federal securities laws. We view these cases as fundamental to keeping our financial markets honest for investors saving for homes, education and retirement.

Securities Litigation

Barr Law Group handles complex individual and class action securities fraud litigation against public and private companies, investment advisors, broker-dealers and lawyers. Barr Law Group is currently leading the charge in multiple cases arising from the largest fraud in the history of the federal EB-5 immigrant-investor program, through which hundreds of millions of dollars were misappropriated from investors across around the world.

Corporate Derivative Litigation

Barr Law Group has significant experience with corporate derivative litigation involving mismanagement and breaches of the duty of loyalty by corporate directors and officers. We seek to hold corporate leaders accountable when they fail to honor their duties to the company and its investors.

Consumer Actions

Barr Law Group represents consumers and small businesses injured by a product, service or unfair trade practice. Barr Law Group has significant experience in cases advancing fraud, contract and consumer protection claims, including on a class-wide basis.

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