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Investment Portfolio Monitoring for Shareholders

Corporate wrongdoing costs investors over $900 billion annually. Government agencies lack the resources to police every security listed on America's stock exchanges. Smart investors proactively monitor their investments or hire experts to monitor corporate misconduct for them.    

To assist individual investors in overseeing their investments, Barr Law Group is pleased to offer StockWatch, powered by our partner and leading securities law firm, Robbins LLP. StockWatch monitors your investments, alerts you of corporate wrongdoing affecting your stocks, bonds, mutual funds or ETFs, and empowers you to hold the wrongdoers accountable.

How it Works

Investment Monitoring

StockWatch uses specialized research tools and subscription services to monitor corporate wrongdoing within publicly traded U.S. securities.

Alerts and Notifications

StockWatch will notify you if your investments are impacted by violations of securities laws, mismanagement, insider trading, accounting fraud, unfair mergers or acquisitions, or other unlawful activity.


If your holdings are affected by misconduct, we will provide you with legal options, including retaining our firm to further investigate and pursue the wrongdoers. There is no obligation to retain our firm, but if you choose to do so, you will not incur any out-of-pocket costs or fees for our representation.

Class Actions Simplified

If a company in which you have invested settles a class action against it, we will notify you and offer to assist in navigating the class action settlement process, including by helping you with claim forms and other documents required to obtain your share of the recovery.  

Start Monitoring

You can sign up for StockWatch online. Your holdings will be kept confidential, and will be cross-referenced with the StockWatch database of investigations, active cases, and securities class action settlements. If any of your holdings are affected by open matters in the database, we will report our findings. If not, we will alert you in the future if we identify wrongful activity.

You will also receive a monthly StockWatch alert with information about recent investigations, class action settlements, and shareholder rights in general.

To ensure that we provide you with the most accurate information, you may update your holdings at anytime by emailing us or resubmitting your information to StockWatch online.

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